Twitter hack censoring. Be aware of this.

by poppsikle

I discovered yesterday that a hack has been placed on my Twitter account. I have been posting comments and never expected an answer, they appear on my Profile, so it took me awhile to realize I was posting comments to certain people and they never saw them, my comments were not showing up on their threads.

I first noticed this when I posted two comments to @Wired. I went to their profile and saw that my comments were not there, on the thread I had commented on.

I then checked other recent comments and found my comments on an @TechCrunch post were also not showing up. I found that all my comments to @ggreenwald and @davidsirota had never posted, even though as I have said, they appear in my timeline.

All my posts appear on my Profile, this has led me to believe they had posted to the thread I commented on.

I found more places where my comments were not showing up, often where I had posted links to my blog.

I am a NSA whistle-blower. I feel certain my enemies in Tech have done this, they are very afraid of me, my influence, my story getting out. They are cowards and too many times I have had to deal with their covert censorship. All I can say is, what cowards.

I alerted Twitter about the problem, I have not heard from them.

I have no idea, how many people can see my comments at this point or how many have tried to contact me and I cannot see their comments.

I had never heard of this happening before and wanted to warn ALL Twitter users, this can happen. I had found Twitter to be refreshingly censorship-free, no longer.

I hopefully will be updating this post with the good news the problem has been solved. No one wants a Twitter where such a thing is possible – censorship -especially this type of censorship that is hard at first to detect. Its devious, nothing less.

If anyone so cares, they can contact @twitter and ask that they look into the hack placed on my profile, I would appreciate it.