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Month: July, 2013

Twitter Hack Still On

I’m not sure I am going to update this blog again, not soon anyway, every time I think my trials are over with the Twitter hack, I am wrong, I am still being shadow-banned, censored on Twitter.


Poppsikle Twitter Hack Update

I am guardedly optimistic that the hack has been taken off my account.

Thank you so much, to those who helped make this happen. I really appreciate it, no one wants this on Twitter. Thanks for your efforts and support.

It was a sophisticated, directed hack, comment replies showed up on my profile, not on the posts they were made on, they could not be seen, they did not appear on the threads.

Shadow-banning was employed, I could see the comments, no one else could.

I do not know how long the hack was on my account, I do not know who saw my comments and who did not, I finally caught it myself, the shadow-banning made that take longer.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S. Truman

Only I do not think it was the government behind this hack, but corrupt corporate media Power that covets Opinion so badly, Power that is so afraid of my voice, they would be reduced to these draconian, and ultimately desperate, measures. Of course, their dealings with the government, specifically the NSA, are part of what drove their agenda.

They do not want them known.

I have faced incredible opposition to exposing this, its been 3 years of it, lol

lol. I like that term. To me it means, what can you do, its life, accept it. Carry on.

Carry on. I will.

Twitter hack still very much in place.

Nope, I was wrong, the hack on my Twitter account is still very much in place, my comment on a Chris Hedges post, for example, is not showing up on his post, only on my profile.

Dang, they are so scared of my opinion.

Censorship. The hallmark of totalitarianism, its longing for Control.

Twitter hack off, comments are showing up

My comments are now showing up, from what I can tell so far.

I am so grateful for whomever facilitated the hack being taken off my account. Thank you so much.

Twitter Comment Censorship still active

Well, I was wrong, my comment replies to certain Twitter bloggers, are being censored.

The hackers added a new feature which let me see my comments when I clicked on Details of the blogger’s post to check if my comment posted or not on, I could see my comments there, no one else could. That’s why I thought the hack was off. I found this was not true when I checked the posts from a different Twitter account.

I finally thought to do this, I was wondering why the lack of response, I trusted that they could see the comments, they could not. Glenn Greenwald has probably not seen a single reply I have made, but there are others too, often journalists or someone with a large following.

There are people who are very, very afraid of me.

Its not hard to guess who they are, Chris Tolles is terrified of me as is TechCrunch. I found out my comments are also being shadow-banned on the TC Facebook page too.  Shadow-banning is practiced on Topix, Facebook, now on Twitter as well.

Tech is terrified of their role in the PRISM scandal to come out. Terrified. They have been bending over backwards to distance themselves from it. Its been pretty funny actually to watch their “show”, their dancing.

I am probably the main voice in calling out their role in it. I am an NSA whistleblower and long ago, blew the whistle on Topix sharing their user’s data with the NSA.

But when they censor you, they are only showing their fear of you, and fear is weakness. Shows guilt, shows how afraid they are of being caught.

I am honored by them, by their fear of me. lol

I don’t think appealing to Twitter will do any good, they have been asked, they did not respond. I guess my voice on Twitter is going to be mostly limited to my profile, I will deal with this, as I have dealt with all obstacles that have been put in front of me.

Strange Daze

The hack is now off my Twitter account and all my comments are showing up on posts. I have long-noticed the importance of the comment in today’s media. They are influential, influential enough to make some people get nervous about them.

Its so funny that happened. I always feel average, no one special. I am a longtime blogger, a commentator, and give my opinion, I have long had the urge to do this, I have strong opinions and enjoy writing. I love language. I was a letter-to-the-editor writer, before I was a blogger.

I never mean to offend anyone, or not to deeply offend them anyway. But almost from the beginning of my blogging, and letter writing, I have deeply, deeply offended some people who get so mad at my words, hahaha. So mad!! I have had a knack, or the fate, for having controversial issues land on my “doorstep”.

This latest censorship is indicative of that, someone was so frightened of influence I might have, they took the time to do a censorship hack, hahaha

I say latest because with the controversy I seem to stir up, you bet, I’ve been censored for years, hahaha

I laugh because I have long learned that force, and censorship, are failed weapons. They create resistance. I suppose there are those that back down to them but I am not that kind of person, if someone puts an obstacle in my way, I make every effort to get around it. The obstacle becomes the motivator, and thus, is self-defeating. I don’t know what I’d do without these obstacles, I have learned they are part of the whole process, and not to begrudge them, just get around them.

One thing for sure, these are strange daze. Its not good news about the extent of the spying and invasion of our privacy rights. But again, there is that force there, that fear, that paranoia, and it will create resistance. People will work hard to get their rights back, I know I will.