Strange Daze

by poppsikle

The hack is now off my Twitter account and all my comments are showing up on posts. I have long-noticed the importance of the comment in today’s media. They are influential, influential enough to make some people get nervous about them.

Its so funny that happened. I always feel average, no one special. I am a longtime blogger, a commentator, and give my opinion, I have long had the urge to do this, I have strong opinions and enjoy writing. I love language. I was a letter-to-the-editor writer, before I was a blogger.

I never mean to offend anyone, or not to deeply offend them anyway. But almost from the beginning of my blogging, and letter writing, I have deeply, deeply offended some people who get so mad at my words, hahaha. So mad!! I have had a knack, or the fate, for having controversial issues land on my “doorstep”.

This latest censorship is indicative of that, someone was so frightened of influence I might have, they took the time to do a censorship hack, hahaha

I say latest because with the controversy I seem to stir up, you bet, I’ve been censored for years, hahaha

I laugh because I have long learned that force, and censorship, are failed weapons. They create resistance. I suppose there are those that back down to them but I am not that kind of person, if someone puts an obstacle in my way, I make every effort to get around it. The obstacle becomes the motivator, and thus, is self-defeating. I don’t know what I’d do without these obstacles, I have learned they are part of the whole process, and not to begrudge them, just get around them.

One thing for sure, these are strange daze. Its not good news about the extent of the spying and invasion of our privacy rights. But again, there is that force there, that fear, that paranoia, and it will create resistance. People will work hard to get their rights back, I know I will.