Twitter Comment Censorship still active

by poppsikle

Well, I was wrong, my comment replies to certain Twitter bloggers, are being censored.

The hackers added a new feature which let me see my comments when I clicked on Details of the blogger’s post to check if my comment posted or not on, I could see my comments there, no one else could. That’s why I thought the hack was off. I found this was not true when I checked the posts from a different Twitter account.

I finally thought to do this, I was wondering why the lack of response, I trusted that they could see the comments, they could not. Glenn Greenwald has probably not seen a single reply I have made, but there are others too, often journalists or someone with a large following.

There are people who are very, very afraid of me.

Its not hard to guess who they are, Chris Tolles is terrified of me as is TechCrunch. I found out my comments are also being shadow-banned on the TC Facebook page too.  Shadow-banning is practiced on Topix, Facebook, now on Twitter as well.

Tech is terrified of their role in the PRISM scandal to come out. Terrified. They have been bending over backwards to distance themselves from it. Its been pretty funny actually to watch their “show”, their dancing.

I am probably the main voice in calling out their role in it. I am an NSA whistleblower and long ago, blew the whistle on Topix sharing their user’s data with the NSA.

But when they censor you, they are only showing their fear of you, and fear is weakness. Shows guilt, shows how afraid they are of being caught.

I am honored by them, by their fear of me. lol

I don’t think appealing to Twitter will do any good, they have been asked, they did not respond. I guess my voice on Twitter is going to be mostly limited to my profile, I will deal with this, as I have dealt with all obstacles that have been put in front of me.