Poppsikle Twitter Hack Update

by poppsikle

I am guardedly optimistic that the hack has been taken off my account.

Thank you so much, to those who helped make this happen. I really appreciate it, no one wants this on Twitter. Thanks for your efforts and support.

It was a sophisticated, directed hack, comment replies showed up on my profile, not on the posts they were made on, they could not be seen, they did not appear on the threads.

Shadow-banning was employed, I could see the comments, no one else could.

I do not know how long the hack was on my account, I do not know who saw my comments and who did not, I finally caught it myself, the shadow-banning made that take longer.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S. Truman

Only I do not think it was the government behind this hack, but corrupt corporate media Power that covets Opinion so badly, Power that is so afraid of my voice, they would be reduced to these draconian, and ultimately desperate, measures. Of course, their dealings with the government, specifically the NSA, are part of what drove their agenda.

They do not want them known.

I have faced incredible opposition to exposing this, its been 3 years of it, lol

lol. I like that term. To me it means, what can you do, its life, accept it. Carry on.

Carry on. I will.