Twitter hack update

by poppsikle

There is definitely tracking and surveillance involved in the ongoing censorship I am facing on Twitter.

Yesterday, I posted comments to Tom Gara, who I have only once before replied to. They were shadow-banned. Today I posted comments to Sarah Cuda, the same happened.

The anticipation of what to shadow-ban and what not to shadow-ban, has a method visible in the Madness, someone(s) who are SO intent on controlling the Twitter debate and keeping my voice out of it. I am being tracked.

It is very telling as to the Control they want, something I have been warning and warning about. Also, that TECH is using surveillance and tracking methods, ones they are so quick to call out the NSA for, they are using these methods to censor criticism.

All the more reason, their role in the PRISM scandal can not only not be forgotten, so much more investigation is needed into their Ongoing manipulation of the Internet, their devious use of spying and surveillance.

Original post:

I discovered I am being tracked by my censors. I posted two comments to a David Carr post, I signed out to see if they posted – as I have to now to tell which comments post – they did. A couple of hours later, I checked again, they were not there.

I had been wondering how this hack works, I have sometimes replied to comments from journalists whose posts I have never commented on before. If the posts are NSA related, my comments on them are being shadow-banned.

I find the whole situation ridiculous and so cowardly. There is No Way they can get away with it, even though there are so many who are afraid to speak out about Topix, why I don’t know, partly its those who haves stayed silent all this time afraid to be called out, partly it is those making money from it, partly it is those afraid of going through what I have.

The Silicon Valley, that’s where it is coming from. Millions of lives are being destroyed by those there so blindly attached to profit, they do not care. The harm must end.