Twitter CEO steps in to remove shadow-ban hack

by poppsikle

I am going to cautiously declare the shadow-ban hack I have been fighting for so long, has been removed from my Twitter accounts. A back and forth with Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, appears to have worked to have the problem addressed.


I believe he was honest and truly did not know that his site was being manipulated, I never thought Twitter was behind the shadow-banning, I knew all too well from my experiences on Topix and Facebook also, that shadow-banning was a method of my enemies who have long been terrified of me and my opinion.

Every dirty trick in the book has been played on me because Topix is that corrupt, that empowered, that sheltered from exposure…

That cowardly, that fearful.

Topix’s dealings with the NSA need a lot more investigation, they have proven they have a lot to hide. One thing  is certain already, there is no way the NSA wants their connection with a site that unethical – one that houses illegal drug dealing, pedophiles, harm to children, women and families, harm to so many lives, massive destruction of American lives and communities, World-wide abuse, racism like no where else – known.

My fate has put me in the position of being the whistle-blower on all this, I have paid a high price for it, and the wall of enabling silence has facilitated this.

What can I say. They messed with the wrong person. Some people dig in their heels in storms. Some people know that all walls can come down, that justice in the long run, always prevails.

Force is a failed weapon. It creates and strengthens resistance.