New Year’s Eve Story

by poppsikle



This is the New Year’s Eve story I told on Twitter.

Dec. 31, 2013

I am going to tell a New Year’s Eve story.

Its a Cherokee story, but as a footnote, my grandmother was an adopted American Indian, but the story is mine.

There was a Cherokee girl in a tribe, a tribe that was besieged by Grizzly bears, a very dangerous bear, deadly.

She had the ability, to face-down these bears, they had no power over her.

Now you would think, this girl would be very valued by the tribe, but what happened is, the Chief and wanna-be Chief’s,

had big Egos that could not bear, someone being better at bear defense, than they were. To the extent of shunning her, endangering the tribe

So all this carnage happened, that the girl had to witness, just because of Huge Egos, selfish to the point of being deadly.

They became the Grizzly bears. Inside the tribe, not outside of it.

Greedy to the point of being deadly. Profit over People, profit made on human suffering.

They were sooooo very concerned with their appearance, their socially acceptable “face”, they were nervous all of the time.


Meriwether Lewis, wrote about Grizzly bears in the journals he kept on his historic expedition.

He was blown away that the Indians were able to hunt them with the weapons they had, he knew how fierce they were.

Fierce, big, strong, brutal bears, blood-thirsty. Pure animal hatred.

Those Chiefs sure tried hard to mask this, but they were the ones responsible for all the carnage. Blood-money.

The Cherokee girl didn’t know what to do and fell asleep at last, after a long night up.

She had a dream where she was in the mountains, with bears, but they were the friendly kind, they were singing and partying.

They were singing the New Radical’s song, You Get What You Give “Wake up kids We’ve got the dreamers disease”

“One dance left This world is gonna pull through Don’t give up”


“Stop complaining” said the nice bear You’ve got the gift of stopping Grizzly bears, just use it, and stop acting like you are so special.

“We all have our gifts, yours’ is stopping Grizzly bears, lol” and the nice bear danced off into the night.