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Month: April, 2014

Silicon Valley Magna Carta (2nd draft)


I love my Country and believe in it as a Democracy. A Democracy, guarantees certain essential liberties, understands that they are in the best interest of the Country itself and all of her People, its having a sustainable, healthy Future. They encompass Empathy, Equality. Justice, Safety and Humanity.

Essential Liberties include the right to Safety, the protection of innocent lives. The People have to be Safe, to not fear for their lives, not have their lives assaulted.

They have the right to be free from spying and surveillance, to have private thoughts, to dissent, to question, and not fear reprisal for it, to have trust again in the essential right to Privacy.

A Country without either of these, becomes a violent, chaotic, mess, as happened in Rwanda, for example.

As has happened here in America, in the Silicon Valley, due to the Greed of certain Silicon Valley business people. They have been out in the open in the Silicon Valley, carrying on crimes against Humanity. This must end.

They are destabilizing the entire Country, the entire World also.

I propose these as Essential Liberties that the Silicon Valley must agree to, must not invade, must support and must address with problem-solving action, where they are being violated.

1. Human life is sacred. It must be protected.

2. Children must be protected, as need to be their families.

3. Security. The right to Safety. Millions of people’s lives have been made unsafe, this is wrong, counter to our values and must end.

3. Privacy is a must. Spying and surveillance of innocent people needs to end, and we must have free thinking without fear of reprisal.

4. Data that has been put onto the Internet with the confidence that it is secure, must be made secure, without invasion or lifting.

5. Ownership of private data must be restored. See, Let’s solve the problem of restoring Internet Privacy, Francis Jeffrey on how to do it: https://poppsikle.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/lets-solve-the-problem-of-restoring-internet-privacy-francis-jeffrey-on-how-to-do-it-2/

6. Personally Identifiable Data which has been lifted and stored up until now, must be permanently deleted. A new leaf needs to be turned over, a mindset that has Sustainability, Reason, and Logic, in mind.

This is a second-draft, I welcome input and suggestions.

Virginia Hoge, August 2014



Comments disappeared on Wired post after it is called out on Twitter

I approached Wired reporter David Kravets on Twitter in March of 2014,  about 2012 comments of mine that begged Wired to report on Topix and its NSA data sharing.

At that point, March 11, 2014, all the comments were still on the thread, there were other comments there besides mine. This is the thread:

California Starts Up a Privacy Enforcement Unit

As you can see now, all the comments are gone. Where Comments are numbered on the post, the number is 0.

Here are my deleted comments, which I had fortunately screen-shot:



David Kravets said Wired deleted all the comments on its posts in a site update:

Why would they do that? As my comments prove, they are sometimes crucial information coming from whistleblowers.