Once there was a planet that was mostly Ocean and all of its inhabitants, were fish.

One day, along came this enthusiastic, brilliant group of Hippie programmers who made a brand, new Ocean, OceanNet.

Like everything Good, that is marketable or a coveted source of Power, in they came charging, the Profiteers, the Greedy, to OceanNet.

They had money like few times in History had such money been flowing, tons of money they had at their disposal, they built a white submarine, to patrol OceanNet



A white, cyber-submarine. It could spy on all the fish, it was enormous. It was so big and shiny, the fish were afraid of it.

As it turns out, was a good thing. This white cyber-submarine, had an insatiable appetite, for fish.

Then one day this fish, an absolutely ordinary fish, said: What they are doing is wrong. How can we take back our OceanNet?

But that big, white submarine was enormous, the fish were tiny next to it, it gave them things they liked once in awhile.

It played music and it had fashionable cafes it encouraged them to hang out on.


They did not understand, that if other fish could be eaten up, so could they. Their Safety, their Ocean, their World, was in danger.

The big white cyber-submarine also had fish on its staff, that swam among the fish and told them everything was OK, when it was not.

Everything that Fish who spoke up was saying, was obvious.


The big white submarine was patrolling everywhere, day and night, spying on everyone, eating up fish, it was all public.

It won’t eat us, just them, the fish thought as they enjoyed the toys the big white cyber-submarine provided them with.

They could not see the fish it was eating and if they could, they looked away, they looked away from the danger they were in.

Their data, was in danger. Their Ocean was in danger. Their lives were in danger. OceanNet, was in danger. Some things you cannot look away from, if you want to have a Future.

Finally, enough fish saw that indeed other fish were being eaten by the big, white cyber-submarine and that they too could be eaten, that this was dangerous.

It was hiding what it was doing on its dark underside and enough fish swam under it and saw the foul, reeking mess there, the carcasses.


The fish said: Enough.

Oh, that made those in charge of the big, white cyber-submarine so mad! They got so mad!!! The Ocean raged with fierce storms for many days and nights.

Days of storms turned into months. The planet had never seen such a huge storm, a storm like never before, but the fish held on.


See, it was the expensive cyber-submarine, that was most jolted by the storms of its Own making.

The fish, they rode the waves, they bore out the storm and always would.

That expensive, gigantic, white cyber-submarine, started to crack, by a storm of its own making.

And by its inconsideration and violence towards its neighbors, its own neighborhood, towards the Ocean, OceanNet.

By its spying on them, its wanting to know them, wanting to be them, wanting to replace them, its not caring about their very lives. Thinking it was better than them, thinking it had all under its domination.

The big white cyber-submarine cracked in half and began to sink. It started to flip over and then everyone could then see, its dark, reeking underside. The white paint long ago replaced by oozing toxic rust and decay.

The loud volume on the rock music blasting as it was going down, its final attempt to lure them in, just made the whole scene that much more surreal.

It sank.

Japanese Ko-hyoteki class mini-submarine sunk by USS Ward at Pearl Harbor

All the fish were still. And then, all of OceanNet, breathed a sigh of relief.

OceanNet belonged once more, to the fish, and it thrived as never before.