To the Twitter Community

Geronimo was a longtime Twitter poster and had years of intelligent Tweets. He was a natural investigator and used Twitter to question Authority. He sure made them mad, but that has always been a part of questioning authority and why a Democracy, values and protects it so.

He was a very important PRISM investigator, using Twitter media to uncover inconsistencies and falsities that many players in the PRISM issue were using – there has been so much cover-up – they did not care for his hard questioning, but so what???

So what? Investigative Journalism has always been like that, the best of it seeks to out the truth, which is very often covered up by a web of lies. Its hard, difficult, dangerous work, extremely important work, a cornerstone of our Democracy.

Established press has a method of exposure when they are under attack, citizen journalists are being left very vulnerable. There has been a drastic decline in investigative journalism, citizen journalists have stepped in to fill this void, they have had to! The decline has been an open door to crime, and big crime.

The PRISM issue that Snowden (and myself) revealed is a very important one that affects our common future. The connected issues of privacy, surveillance, the potential for Authoritarian Control – Big Brother is very real. There has been a real need to continue the investigation, there has been real resistance to letting this happen, so much effort put out to hide the truth.

Hard, unafraid, Questioning is and has been needed to solve pressing contemporary problems.

Geronimo was forced to take down his profiles after a group of trolls went on the warpath against him, seeking to out his name, his place of work, his family names etc. I have seen the posts and they are very malicious and include death threats.

This kind of harassment has been going on for a long time, hidden from exposure, on Topix. The notable difference is the high-profile, paid media pundits, who participated in this Topix-level witch hunt, including The Guardian and the ACLU!! Its important to note, as if anyone would forget, that both of them have been heavily involved in the post-Snowden reporting. The Guardian won a Pulitzer prize for its Snowden-related reporting. The ACLU has engaged in reporting, lawsuits, related conferences.

Here is one of their paid staff members, Christopher Soghoian:


He was criticized by Geronimo and for a reason, he has actively been part of the post-Snowden distancing campaign, to distance the corporate culprits in the PRISM scandal. I have criticized him as well. The PRISM scandal is far from resolved – not even close – and the victims of this are every single Internet user. Snowden himself said his revelations were only the beginning of solving the problem. The immense corporate effort to hide their culpability, only proves how big the problem is.

The involvement of the Tor administration, is in itself, deeply troubling and hypocritical. Tor exists to further and protect anonymous bullying, I have long called this out.

I have seen the very worst of corporate tech repression and reprisal tactics used on Topix against critics, its nothing anyone wants to happen on Twitter or anywhere.


Virginia Hoge