Poppsikle blog, Twitter hack update

by poppsikle

I have taken a brief Twitter vacation, after the latest shadow-banning there.

As I have written on this blog and why this blog was initially begun, I have been fighting the censorship Chris Tolles imposed on me there.

In deleted Tweets, the man has bragged of doing “Whatever it takes” meaning hacking, coding, dirty tricks etc. to “get the job done”. He has also bragged in deleted Tweets about “the power of the hack”.

Twitter is Chris Tolles’ perch, the self-titled Meme Fluffer and talent scout (whatever that means) hangs out there and advances his politics, his views on media, which he prizes so highly and clearly feels need expressing.

Somehow Tolles was able to hire a hacker who enabled certain of my Twitter posts to not show up on the threads I post them to, I can see them there, no one else can. They show up on my profile, but I have had Tweets deleted as well.

Tolles is so scared of me and not hesitant in the slightest to use criminal methods and censorship.

He has been like this all along. From the beginning I called out that Topix was lawless and censored, and those who have defended the site believing Tolles to be some sort of Free Speech hero… have been wrong from the beginning.

Tolles is the biggest criminal in the Silicon Valley and media is his weapon. Don’t underestimate the effort he puts into media, to control it that is.

His politics are what he is interested in advancing, and his inhumanism, his media with “New ethics”.

There are interests who actually covet the man’s inhumanism, his total lack of caring for his fellow human beings, his glee in fact, in allowing life-destroying attacks on them (I have written about this), to allow bigotry like no where else, death-threats, harm, to happen on his site. I bet they also covet his flagrant lawlessness, his ability to manipulate the “law” into his service while not hesitating, to use criminal methods.

That he himself, this Tyrant, is a big crybaby is not unpredictable.

I have learned the biggest bullies are always the biggest crybabies. They have the thinnest skins which accounts for the censorship he uses, including on Twitter which I am pretty sure he controls, his hacker has set him up with the ability to shadow-ban my Twitter tweets – he is clearly my biggest fan – someone should check out his Topix computer set up one day.

Joseph Campbell was right when he said about Tyrants: The tyrant is proud, and therein resides his doom. He was right about that.