Help Francis Jeffrey, Internet Pioneer

Francis Jeffrey, who has written two of the posts on this blog, is an Internet Pioneer who was involved in the invention of the Internet.

Thank you Francis Jeffrey!!! What an Amazing invention! I love the Internet and I say that as one who knows better than most, the many flaws it has. It truly is a Bicycle of the Mind, as Steve Jobs said (who F.J. worked with) and reportedly, pre-Internet.

He is a creative genius whose considerable intelligence was put to work on several projects, including early AI research, dolphin studies – yes, they gave them ipads, the formation of the Internet.

He should be sitting on boards and traveling around the World, teaching and guiding, this is so necessary! The follow-up to the invention of the Internet. No one knew what it would yield and how much devious effort there would be to control it. “The largest experiment in anarchy” gloats The New Digital Age… Well, yes, and people need to realize, that Anarchy can also mean Chaos.

Those this state of things has rewarded, are not often those who should have been.

Francis Jeffrey (@FrancisJeffrey7) has been a lively participant in the Twitter debate – where I met him – giving his insight, something we are so lucky to have.

Independent voices, those unafraid to speak out against the great injustices of these times, are few and far between. Jeffrey adds history to this, his technical knowledge. He has ideas, and good ideas, for how to Solve, the pressing problems of our day related to the Internet. Here is one of them:

Lets Solve the Problem of Restoring Internet Privacy! Francis Jeffrey on How to do it

We need Francis Jeffrey’s ideas!!! And how.

Imagine, for instance, a Genuine Tech non-profit, which worked on Solutions to solve the pressing problems tech has introduced and threatens to destroy with. This is SO needed. Francis Jeffrey would be the perfect person to head the idea component of this, he has the knowledge, he has the history.

His health though, and that of his partner, is fading and they are in trouble with a host of medical bills they cannot afford. They are by no means alone in this, this recent Market Watch article, says this:

“With Americans ever more reliant on self-directed retirement plans such as 401(k)s, missing the post-crisis rally will have long-term implications on retirees’ standard of living for decades to come. About 46% of Americans had less than $10,000 in financial assets in the last year of their life, according to a 2012 study by MIT economist James Poterba.”

That’s so scary, its like 50% (at least) of Americans are heading for bad financial trouble just when they don’t need it.

Fate has given me a chance to help raise money for this Internet Great, a strange choice by her, but there you have it. I don’t have much money, I never have, I am an artist who has long lived that lifestyle. I am, as I have posted, an unpaid whistleblower, not one of those fund raisers… I don’t like them anyway, I like it when people do the things they feel they Need to do, are driven by their conscious.

I have donated to help them out and I hope more can. Its not easy these days, most are feeling strapped, what we need to remember is that sometimes people need a hand up, we all do, and there are times we need to help each other.

You can contact Francis Jeffrey on Twitter to ask how to help.