Censorship on the Twitter Feed



I found out there is a new type of censorship which has been placed on my Twitter account, my posts aren’t showing up in the Twitter feed.

This is only the latest for me! I have faced SO much Censorship in these past 6 years. So much duplicity involved, tech tricks, I have been going up against Silicon Valley Tyrants who take great glee in their censorshipS, as they do with all of their manipulative SpyToyz. Shadow-banning censorship, for instance. The first time I experienced it, with my first Topix profile, I did not know for weeks my comments weren’t showing up, finally someone told me, I saw them posted, I had no idea no one else could. And it was political censorship too, the tea party trolls are given favors on Topix.

I had more than one profile banned on Topix and my comments there would sometimes take 15 minutes and longer to post, giving my stalker time to show up. I wrote on my blog about their targeting on Topix  of Critics, the constant shadow-banning of comments, the corporate attack trolls, the monitoring of targeted posters (by a site which claims to not to be able to afford enough moderators), etc. etc. etc.

I’ve been censored also on Twitter, the shadow-banning of comment replies, it was the reason I began this blog. I have been censored on Facebook which, credit to them, took the censorship off. I have been censored on Gawker which did the same.

My Open Salon blog was shut down, every word erased.


That’s kind of true, it really does suck when something you write is censored just because some creep(s) do not want it read or spread. The worst thing about censorship though, is that it stop the Truth from getting out, and its really needed, there are very real dangers which rage and flame and grow, in the absence of it.

The longtime Irony of the so-much censorship I have faced is that the very worst of the Silicon Valley, leans so heavily on its Free Speech stance, while not, ever, practicing it.

They will allow (and protect) speech which is overtly intent on destroying another person’s life, yet do not allow Criticism, because they are such criminals and fear nothing more than being exposed. That is not what Voltaire meant.

As usual per them, they will point the finger:
They will carp about China and other Country’s censorship,
Here is Palantir-funded Citizen Lab doing it
while engaging in it themselves, here, and against critics.

Don’t let them get away with that. The danger of their Censorship is not only very real, its happening.